Three students drumming in their pajamas


学生 new to 十大靠谱网赌游戏 will learn to be Aggies through our many traditions. We have been celebrating and honoring our history since our school started in 1908. Read on for a sample of our many unique and enjoyable traditions.



学生 run on to the football field before the first home game


Just before kickoff at the first home football game of the year Gunrock leads any first-year student who is up for it out onto the football field! While it isn't required to officially become an Aggie, it sure makes you feel like one. Our football games and other sporting events are full of other traditions as well, 管袜子疯狂, free pizzas for the loudest fans and even Pint the dog that retrieves the tee after every kickoff!


A female student cuddles with a puppy during finals week


准备期末考试可能会有压力, but 十大靠谱网赌游戏 has come up with a unique way to relieve some of that pre-exam anxiety. 小狗! 每年的期末考试周, 十大靠谱网赌游戏 学生健康 brings puppies and other foster dogs to the Memorial Union so our students can de-stress by sharing some love with some fluffy friends. 除了这个有趣的传统, 十大靠谱网赌游戏 学生健康 has several other programs designed to help students thrive throughout their college experience.


A close up of a grad cap that says "My Watch Has Ended" in a game of thrones reference.


Every year when the time comes for many of our students to graduate, the 十大靠谱网赌游戏 social media team sponsors a contest to feature the best and most creative grad cap designs. Designs are judged through Facebook the entry with the highest combined reactions will take first place, the second-most reactions will win second place and so on. The top three winners receive cash and swag prizes, and get to add a small achievement to the already amazing accomplishment of finishing their 十大靠谱网赌游戏 degree.




One of the many traditions attached to the annual 野餐的一天 event is the Doxie Derby! Dachshunds from around the Sacramento area gather to test their speed against their oddly shaped peers. The event is a fan favorite and is among several other traditions that keep the huge crowds returning year after year to the largest student-run event in the country.


Gunrock celebrates in front of the crowd at the homecoming Pajamarino


Pajamarino is part of the homecoming celebration that has been around nearly 100 years! 这一传统始于20世纪30年代, when students snuck out of their dorms in their pajamas to welcome alumni riding the train to Davis for 同学会 Weekend. The students — wearing pajamas — and the 十大靠谱网赌游戏 Marching Band join with the alumni to march through downtown Davis to the annual homecoming bonfire on campus. 同学会 week is full of several other campus events that culminate with the homecoming football game.


An egghead with its face buried in a book outside of shields library


According to this rather quirky tradition, kissing the Bookhead Egghead in front of Peter J. Shields 图书馆 will increase your chances of acing your finals. 知识分子 themselves are a must see for any student. The sculptures were created by the late professor and artist Robert Arneson in the early 1990's and have been making students and visitors smile ever since. There are a total of 6 eggheads in 5 locations, it is considered bad form for an Aggie not to visit each spot at least once!


An animal science student helps a student milk a cow at 十大靠谱网赌游戏 picnic day


Another one of 野餐的一天's fan favorites is the cow milking station. Student volunteers and professors from the Animal Science department set up the event every year to help our students and other 野餐的一天 visitors learn the art of milking a cow! Picnic day has many other animal related attractions including the Doxie Derby, 犬的飞盘比赛, equine shows and a police K-9 demonstration.