Tilapia skins behing applied to the burned foot of a mountain lion

Treating animal burns with tilapia skins

Wildfires in 2017 prompted 十大靠谱网赌游戏 veterinarians to try a unique treatment — fish skins — to heal the severe burn wounds of two bears 和 a mountain lion cub. The groundbreaking technique was previously used in Brazil on humans but never before on a wild animal. 杰米·佩顿十大靠谱网赌游戏 Wildlife Disaster Network 和 partners with the California Department of Fish 和 Wildlife pioneered the technique of suturing tilapia skins to an animal’s paws to act as healing b和ages. Tilapia skins supply collagen, hasten healing 和 are harmless to the animals if swallowed. The treatment has since been successfully used to treat the burn wounds of wild 和 domestic animals around the world — from 小猫 矮种马 to kangaroos 和 koalas.